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Jul. 20th, 2017 09:58 pm
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So.... it's been a while since I posted. Oops. Real life has been quite busy and I've been finishing off my crafting and I've been seeing my friends a lot which has been quite nice :)

Some old school friends came to Berlin too and I spent time doing stuff together with them which was so so lovely but also made me very sad when they left. I kind of miss who I used to be when I was with them last (so when I was still in school), but life seemed so much easier back then! Laura came visiting with her baby from America and then Jenna came with her husband Yalcin and we went to explore our old school and actually managed to get into the building! Took some photos and explored and then explored Zehlendorf and got some food together. Those days I spent with them was all just so NICE! Fantastic people who I miss and live too far away from :(

I've also been interviewing therapists! Perhaps that is why I've not been feeling the urge to post and detox my brain? So I've seen three so far. Two women and one man, and I think I am veering towards choosing the first woman. She seems quite nice, into helping me talk about things and sort out life management tips for coping, and also into trying to analyse dreams. Never done that before, could be cool. Also the office is in a good location on a bus route near me and there is a small park near where I can sit and think after sessions and there are also food places nearby. I'm going to call and make a second appointment soon :)

Last weekend I went off with my friends to Mannheim for an immersive theatre piece.
It was fantastic. Really really good. I really enjoyed myself and joined in the ceremonies and watched some of their rituals and composed a song and listened to their sect stories of how they believe their world is and watched them try and find new shells for their two missing gods. I have a lot of questions still too and I didn't manage to see everything that I wanted to but it was a very good experience :)

The drive there and back was good too. Out of the four of us only two of us have a driving license and only one of us actually drives regularly. So Laura drove us the 6 hours there in the daytime and then to our Airbnb late in the evening afterwards and then in the morning the next day. Poor love. I took over and did about three hours in the middle after I had rested with some Autobahn tips from Laura from the back. Very helpful! It is a bit scary driving so fast (135kmh at one point!) but I'm glad I did it.

Met friends this week for walks and swimming and dinner which has been real nice too :) Apart from getting eaten alive by mosquitoes in the woods! And packed! Because now I'm off to England for a family event and time with my Grandma and seeing friends and going to the Edinburgh Fringe! It's going to be a pretty fabulous summer :)

I plan to update throughout despite not having a computer with me, or I'll just use a pen and paper diary. We shall see!

Happy right now :) (despite not having finished packing yet! Argh!)

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